Sean Keating – aka “the Looks” – Sean always looks good while playing guitar, and sometimes… he plays guitar WHILE looking good! Amazing!

John Doyle – “the Million Dollar Man” he does it all, plays keys, percussion, horns, xylophones, and he can sing! Not to be slept on!

Conor Standish – aka “the Brains” – Conor handles all the important stuff; spreadsheets, computers, research and development. He also writes and sings all the songs.

Dillon “The Wildcard” Devito – as unpredictable as Cleveland weather. Keep an eye on him and his bass while on AND off the stage!

Joey David – aka “the Muscle” – When he isn’t working out or building stuff out of wood, Joey performs music by hitting objects with sticks and mallets, also known as playing drums.

Chuckles – the official band mascot of Front Porch Lights. If you have a few drinks and watch him close enough, he has been known to move on stage. His hobbies include laughing and being mischievous.