Front Porch Lights was born the summer of 2015 when the bands front man Conor Standish set out on a trip to San Fransisco to record a new E.P. He had been playing in other bands back in Cleveland but wanted to branch out and do a solo project. The following songs and recordings that he created were given new life when he meet his new band mates Joey David and Sean Keating. They invigorated Conor’s songwriting and Front Porch Lights took shape.

After performing to a sold out CD release show at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, the band has been performing regularly and gaining serious traction in the Ohio music scene. Right now they are in the process of recording another E.P. set to release spring of 2017.

Conor Standish – aka “the Brains” – Conor handles all the important stuff; spreadsheets, computers, research and development. He also writes and sings all the songs.

John Doyle – “the Million Dollar Man” he does it all, plays keys, percussion, horns, xylophones, and he can sing! Not to be slept on!

Joey David – aka “the Muscle” – When he isn’t working out or building stuff out of wood, Joey performs music by hitting various things with sticks and mallets, also known as playing drums.

Sean Keating – aka “the Looks” – Sean always looks good while playing guitar, and sometimes… he plays guitar WHILE looking good! Amazing!

Dillon Devito¬†– Dillon “The Wildcard” Devito is as unpredictable as Cleveland weather. Keep an eye on him and his bass while on AND off the stage!

Chuckels – the official band mascot of Front Porch Lights. If you have a few drinks and watch him close enough, he has been known to move on stage. His hobbies include laughing and being mischievous.

Some images on this page appear courtesy of Tim Kelly and Edward Waltz